Video Sales Machine

Nancy L. (of my students) has made well over six thousand dollars selling videos to local businesses, and she has only been doing this a few months!

Local Business Owners Love Having Their Businesses Look Professional And Would Love Having Their Own Commercial, But The Sad Truth Is This Is Usually Beyond Their Advertising Budget...

What If You Could Offer Local Businesses Professional Quality Commercials At A Fraction Of The Cost Of What They Would Pay A Typical Video Agency...

...And Still Make Hundreds Of Dollars Of Profit Per Each Video Sold!

Hi! Matt Bush here...

For the past five and a half years I have been making a full-time living from local marketing.  For the past several months I've been putting together what I call the ultimate "sales machine", something that would make it as easy as possible for you to get out there and start profiting from video commercials.

As you are about to see, "Video Sales Machine" is an incredible system that will jumpstart your success today...

Step Inside The Video Sales Machine...

Step 1

Simply send traffic (learn easy ways to do this using the included training) to your pre-configured website (installs in 20 minutes) to "feed the machine"

Step 2

Let your automated sales machine "do the work", and send follow-ups to your interested prospects, through a pre-configured autoresponder sequence which sends visitors to incredible pre-loaded sales videos.

Step 3

Now that your prospects have been through your funnel, they will be jumping up and down with excitement...

Step-by-step training reveals how to create or pay someone else pennies on the dollar to develop incredible video commercials that you sell to interested local business owners.

What You Get With Video Sales Machine

Pre-Built Premium "Sales" Website

The premium website features cutting-edge graphics and presentation, and is built with the sole purpose of being your virtual sales assistant, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It's jam-packed with features too.

5 Professional Sales Videos

Five professional videos will take local business owners through a journey of understanding how much they would benefit from having a video commercial for their business. These high-quality videos will leave local businesses begging for your services.

Pre-Loaded Autoresponder

Imagine your very own autoresponder system & campaign, already setup and ready to run featuring our pre-written email templates.  Simply configure a few settings and it is ready for use. Amazing right?

Step-By-Step Training

Learn as I show you though my detailed training course, how to create your own video commercials using video software you already own (or even free resources on your computer). I will also show you how to easily outsource the whole thing.

Pre-Built "Premium" Sales Website

  • Incredible Done For You Website Featuring A Super-Easy Install Process
  • Several Customized Motion Graphic Sales Videos Already Embedded In Website
  • Built-In Autoresponder Pre-Loaded With Several Messages Already Embedded In Website
  • Built In WordPress And Featuring A Simple WYSIWYG Interface
  • Several Robust Features Including Built-In Video Player, Gallery, Shortcodes, Custom Formatting, & More
  • Security Settings To Keep Website Safe From Unwelcome Intrusion

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5 Professional Sales Videos

Click The Videos Below To See Them In Action

[svpGlobalVideo v=5]

Pre-Loaded Autoresponder "Ready To Go"

  • Fully Functioning Pre-Configured Autoresponder Sends The Follow-Up Messages For You
  • Pre-Loaded With 5 Follow-Up Email Messages
  • Create Your Own Emails With The Easy To Use WYSIWYG Interface
  • Build And Manage Your Own Lists Right From The Administrative Interface
  • No Need For An Additional Paid Solution (AWeber, Get Response, Etc.) Though It Works With Them Too!
  • Opt-in Form Is Pre-Installed On The Website, Ready To Roll

Step-By-Step Training

  • Thorough Training On How To Setup Your Own Video Agency
  • Easy To Follow Instructions On Getting Your Website Up And Running In Minutes
  • Learn How To Quickly Create Stunning Video Commercials Using Software That You Already Own Or...
  • Learn How To Outsource The Creation Of Incredible Video Commercials So You Don't Have To Do The Work Yourself
  • Watch Me As I Show You How To Find Businesses That Will Be Hungry For Your Videos (And Pay You Generously)
  • Detailed Training On How To Use The "Video Sales Machine" To Absolutely Crush It Online
Video Sales Machine

Video Production Services - The cost to develop, script, and animate professional sales videos of this high caliber would easily cost $2,000/video.
Cost: $2,000 x 5 Videos = $10,000

Premium Website Development: The cost to develop a premium website that includes as many features as you are seeing here would require an expert programmer as well as marketer.
Cost: +$4,000

AutoResponder Configuration & Writing: The cost to develop an autoresponder program would easily cost $500. The copywriting for the 5 follow-up messages would require a skilled marketer with experience in the local marketing field.
Cost: +$1,000

Training Costs: Once you have all of the other tools in place, you still need to know how to drive business owners into your sales machine, and generate sales from them.

I don't want to see you stumbling around. I have been doing this full-time for the past five and a half years and want to share my methods with you.
Cost: +$1,500

Video Sales Machine

Fast Action Bonuses

Fast Action Bonus #1

Free Live Training: Step-By-Step Walkthrough of Building Your Own Video Agency Business



  • Wednesday, February 11th
  • 9PM Eastern Standard
  • 6PM Pacific Standard

Live Training

Join me as I take you through the steps of building your own successful video agency.  I will be sharing a ton of actionable advice that will propel your personal video agency business ahead. In a word, it's going to be awesome!

Fast Action Bonus #2

Bonus Whiteboard Video
Brand New Promotional Commercial

Brand-New Video Marketing Commercial Done In Whiteboard Animation Style

As a special "fast action bonus", I am including a special commercial that you can use to further sell your video creation services, done in the unique and high-converting whiteboard animation style.  The quality on this commercial is amazing, and I'm throwing it in for no extra cost!

What People Are Saying...

Lena B.

Lena applied my teachings and through using videos as a "foot in the door" strategy, walked away with a $3,000 client!  Plus recurring fees!

Lena B.
John R.

"The great value you offer to us and our businesses in mind is why I keep coming back. I almost feel like I'm taking advantage of you guys.  All my purchases have been perfectly suited to my customer's needs.  Keep em coming!"

John R.

"Matt your local whiteboard videos are a real success story for me in setting up lead generation for small businesses.

They are accepted well and do a great job of getting calls for the businesses I have sold the service to. Thanks for your exceptional work."

Nick Mancuso

"Matt's stuff is flat-out money in the bank.  Always the highest quality and great support!"

Nick Mancuso
Drew Laughlin

"I am a huge fan and supporter of Matt Bush. Unlike many marketers, I refuse to promote products to my list unless they are of world-class quality and can actually help my customers. That’s why when Matt launches a product I always promote it."

Drew Laughlin

100% Risk Free Purchase

This is a risk-free purchase.  If you are not happy with it for any reason at all, you will receive a full refund as long as it is within 30 days of purchase. We are so confident that you are going to love it.  We stand by our products 100%.

Video Sales Machine